Advanced Asset Management, DCIM and CMDB system for data center and back office.

  • auto-discover existing hardware
  • keep track of assets purchases and their life cycle
  • generate flexible and accurate cost reports
  • integrate with change management process using JIRA integration

It is an Open Source project provided on Apache v2.0 License.


Complete system perspective - from IP, Network, Server, up to high level Services overview - all information is there.


Customize your installation in flexible way. For example if you need simple Asset Management system for Back Office, just enable `Assets` module.

There are much more features available for your thousands of machines, though!


Ralph was initially created in the Allegro Group for internal use. But quickly it was adopted by other Companies. It is complete free open source software licensed on Apache License 2.0 and yes, we accept patches :)

How does it work?

1. Register the Assets purchase

2. Physically install Asset into the DC

3. Auto-discover Asset components

4.Now you can deploy host using DHCP/DNS entries and PXE boot.

5. Manage Changes on the device using JIRA-CMDB plugin* and open CMDB API

6. Finish! Calculate devices and services costs.

Now, get started!

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