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A/B testing good practice – calculating the required sample size

Developing our own A/B testing platform from scratch came with many lessons during the process. Our platform was built for people who differ vastly in terms of statistical knowledge, also for those who are not familiar with statistics at all. So the main challenge wasn’t technical implementation. The hardest thing was (and still is) developing good practices and spreading them among our users. We want to share some of our current knowledge that we think is crucial for A/B testing at scale. From this article, you will get to know about calculating sample size, what it means and what benefits it provides for you and your organization. Quick reminder of the statistical significance If you are not familiar with the concept of statistical significance, we prepared a quick guide that will give you the required intuition to understand the whole article. If you are familiar with the concept, just skip this part.

Bartłomiej Bęczkowski

Bartek is a software engineer who works on the Allegro experimentation platform. He is allergic to the status quo.