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Varnish as a Service goes open source

We are proud to announce that today we released as open source Varnish as a Service (aka VaaS), a Varnish Cache management tool. VaaS is a web application with a GUI and an API that allows you to populate a database with information about microservices and their back-ends. On the basis of this data, VaaS generates a VCL and sends it to Varnish servers in a matter of seconds, using native Varnish API (no agent is required on the managed Varnish servers). If you require a more complex VCL than the default generated by VaaS, you can overwrite sections of the default VCL or create your own template intermingling ordinary VCL with markup. Markup tells VaaS where to generate backends and directors or where to generate hints telling Varnish how to route traffic. You can wrap backend hints with complex rules to suit your needs.

PyWaw Summit - a Python conference for everybody

Recently I had a chance to take part in the first edition of a new Python event in Poland, PyWaw Summit conference. Python has a very active community in Poland, Europe and around the globe. What sets the community apart is its accessibility and friendliness. After all, as mentioned by Marc-André Lemburg in his PyWaw Summit day one keynote, the language is a tribute to Monty Python, and is designed to be fun. The fun factor and friendliness were evident at PyWaw Summit, a conference organized by Warsaw Python User Group. Being a sysadmin in my first ever conference devoted to programming only, I felt very welcome and got a lot of very useful first hand information on the newest features, trends and techniques from Python professionals.

Szymon Jasiński

Szymon is a clarinet player by education and a systems engineer by profession. At Allegro Group since 2013.