Senior Software Engineer - Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań

Job Description

Location: Warsaw, Kraków or Poznań

Why you should join us

  • We use, depending on teams and needs, the following technologies: Java 8, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Spring, Reactive Programming, Hystrix, Spark, Hadoop, Mesos and TensorFlow
  • We are serious about micro-services (400+) and scale (13.5k rps), we deal with BigData (petabytes of data) and experiment with Machine Learning
  • Code review, Continuous Integration, Scrum/Kanban (depending on a team), Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development and Pair Programming
  • Join a team of 600 excellent software engineers who have shared their experience during numerous tech conferences such as Devoxx PL, GeeCon PL and Prague, Confitura, Agile By Example, Agile India 2016 (Bangalore), Mesos Con (Denver), Atmosphere and contribute to the blog
  • Every year, over 100 software engineers participate in conferences that take place in Poland and abroad (Europe and US); each team has a budget for training and books, so if you want to improve your skills, we will support you
  • We offer laptops with i7, 16GB RAM and SSD drives, e.g. MacBook Pro 15” or 13” or similar Dell devices running on Ubuntu/Windows if you are not a Mac fan, two monitors and all the gadgets you need
  • Internal ecosystem based on self-service and popular tools such as Marathon, Docker, Consul, Bitbucket or Bamboo. Therefore, from day one, you can start working on software whose architecture or scale is limited only by your own imagination
  • We actively contribute to Polish tech communities (Java, Python, Devops) by organizing training sessions/workshops and giving lectures in Poznań, Warsaw, Toruń and Kraków
  • Technological autonomy – choose the best technology to address a task at hand without going through needless formalities. Just remember that you are responsible for your solution
  • 10 thousand servers grouped in two data centers
  • 40 open source projects, 3391 github stars

What we offer

  • Startup-like working culture and stability of a mature organization
  • Modern office and tools
  • Friendly working environment in a professional team
  • Wide selection of benefits provided in addition to remuneration
  • Free English classes adjusted to the needs of software engineers

Skills & Requirements

We are looking for software engineers who:

  • Are experts in the field of software development, able to coach and mentor others
  • Can resolve complex issues and proactively seek for effective and innovative solutions to answer users’ needs
  • Want a job that makes sense (instead of following „management orders”only) and want to enjoy the outcome of their work
  • Want to be proud of code they create, are open to feedback, and share knowledge during peer code reviews
  • Are eager to learn and improve their skills
  • Have expertise in Java 8 or Scala/Kotlin/Groovy/JavaScript/Go/Python

Apply and join Allegro!

About Allegro

At Allegro, we have been shaping online shopping habits of Polish users since 1999 with one goal in mind – to make shopping and selling online a joyful experience.

We are one of the largest technology companies in the CEE region. What we do goes beyond impressive sale statistics and involves technological and business challenges making Allegro a unique place where 1,400 employees can gain experience and improve their skills. Nearly half of our crew works in the technology area and is responsible for platform development and maintenance.