Badania UX w Allegro

Justyna Osten-Sacken

  • Jak wygląda dzień pracy badacza w Allegro?
  • Co właściwie "badamy" i dlaczego to robimy?
  • Jak opinie klientów wpływają na nasze produkty?
  • Jeśli temat user experience jest Ci bliski i chcesz spróbować swoich sił w tej branży - posłuchaj rozmowy z Justyną Osten-Sacken badaczką UX w Allego - a dowiesz się jak to zrobić.

Justyna Osten-Sacken


UX researcher part of a team taking care of end-to-end customer experience - starting from search and selection till purchase. Having her team by her side, she creates knowledge and recommendations based on customers opinions. It helps teams to introduce new products or changes to existing ones. She practices calligraphy, likes Italian small towns and micro trips around Poland. Cooking relaxes her very much. Hitchhiking enthusiast.

Piotr Betkier


Software Engineer who loves building useful tools and resilient systems. Works in one of the technical platform teams, where he’s responsible for common libraries and service discovery (Service Mesh). Conference speaker, host of Allegro Tech Podcast.